Discover the natural beauty of Santa Fe with tours to some of the well know attractions and to some of the more remote beauty spots.

Tours are given by Edgar Toribio a local wildlife expert.

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1. Forest and waterfall of Chilagres
Walk with us, following the Santa Maria River, one of Panamá’s most important rivers. On the way, you’ll find a great variety of fauna and flora: birds, orchids, amphibians and reptiles… You can also visit the “peñas blancas” waterfall, from which you can see an always green tropical forest. Cost $36 per person.

2. Extreme Bermejo
This tour includes what we call a “jungle trek “to get to the second waterfall of Bermejo. We will climb up the first waterfall of Bermejo and then follow upriver until we arrive at another beautiful and impressive waterfall. There you can observe birds, insects and if you’re lucky the white-faced monkey in the wild. At the waterfalls, you can also appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings. Cost $36 per person.

3. Waterfall of “La Isleta”
This beautiful waterfall is located within the Santa Fe National Park. To get there, it will take approximately 4 hours (round trip: 8 hours) on foot. You’ll be able to observe birds, insects, orchids, and a lot more. If you wish to appreciate beautiful petroglyphs which speak about past times, you’ll only have to walk 30 mn more, downriver. Cost $36 per person.

4. Waterfalls “el Salto del Salto
This isolated community is located on the slope of the “Toad Hill” (Cerro Sapo), where you can visit more than 5 waterfalls and an organic farm. Cost $60 per person.

5. Expedition to the Caribbean Sea
This trip crosses the National Park, then follows the line between Bocas del Toro and Veraguas Province, going through the communities of Guabal, Ortiga and Rio Luis. In Rio Luis, you’ll take a small boat downriver. Cost $340 per person for 4 days.

6. Expedition to the “Cerro Tute”
The Cerro Tute is very famous for the expansive view that you can enjoy from its peak, which is 930 m above sea level. At the peak you can also see an amazing variety of animal and plant life. The plants in Cerro Tute have adapted to their environment of harsh wind, low temperatures and high altitude. Therefore they’re much smaller and hardier than plants that can be seen in lower altitudes. To get to Cerro Tute, you first take a car, then you’ll hike to the peak on a beautiful trail. It is best to depart late afternoon or very early in the morning because of the beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Cost $50 per person.

7. Excursion to the waterfalls of Alto de Piedra
This tour offers the opportunity to visit 3 beautiful waterfalls in the community of Alto de Piedra. On the way, you’ll be able to observe great biodiversity, such as birds and amphibians. Cost $40 per person.

8. Excursion to Cerro Mariposa (“Butterfly Hill”)
On this trip you can enjoy one of the three cloud forests of Panama. A trail takes you to the peak of the mountain, which is 1400 m above sea level. Once at the peak, you can appreciate the beautiful panoramic view. This one of the few places where you can see both oceans, on a clear day. Furthermore you’ll be amongst species that are indigenous to this specific place (for example: the orchid Ondotoglosum chiriquiensis and the Dentrobates auratus venomous frog amongst others. Cost $40 per person.

9. Nocturnal tour to the lakes of Alto de Piedra
Note: on dark nights only
Jungle comes alive at night!! This tour offers the opportunity to observe and hear nocturnal life in the area. With a sharp eye and a little luck, it is possible to see a great variety of amphibians and reptiles. For example, you can see the red-eyed frog, the false coral, nocturnal monkeys and a large diversity of exotic insects such as large beetles and crickets. Important: it is forbidden to take anything from this place whether it be animal or plant. Cost $35 per person.